Six Months Since Diagnosis of Brain Cancer – JEN’S UPDATE

Dear Friends, Click to visit JENNI’S FUNDRAISER to check out latest updates. It’s been a really tough time lately for Jenni and us. I feel so sad at times for what she deals with daily. I’m amazed at her strength and courage, but I admit that we both have our moments of sadness and cry together for […]

Heart in Hands

The Next Chapter

Hi Friends, The next chapter of this journey has begun with research continuing but fundraising beginning.  We are thankful to those who have given so far. This week we launched a fundraiser for Jen’s potential treatments which are crazy expensive. Click to visit JENNI’S FUNDRAISER to check it out.  It’s been 3 days and about […]


My Up and Down Journey Continues

Hey Friends and Family, A quick update on our lives… Troy here… Here we are bowling together with my bro Dominic just a couple weeks ago.  I’m so proud of my very brave wife.  I never hear her complain about the terrible situations she faces daily with side effects of the tumour, steroids, radiation and […]

A Nasty Turn of Events Last Night

As many of you know I was scheduled to have an MRI at 10am this morning followed by various appointments with my neurosurgeon and chemo doctors.  However, the plans have changed due to a nasty turn of events late last night. We’ve moved from focusing on the brain, now to the lungs. Late last night […]


A Long 6 Week Journey

Hey Everyone, Yesterday I finished my last day of radiation.  Yay!  No more daily beltings around the head by the invisible radiation monster.  It was 6 long and horrible weeks, and feels a relief to have it done.  Every day I would lie on the table and pray I would remain still for the short […]

Jenni radiation bed

An update from Jenni

Hi Family and Friends, So I started this radiation and chemo journey on the 9th October. That means we are 2 weeks down, 4 weeks to go or, 28 days to go . I’m glad it’s the weekend and I don’t have to go in for 2 days. Symptom wise I am doing quite well. You’re […]

Troy Beer

Day 1 is Done!

Dear Family and Friends, DAY 1 IS DONE…  Jenni swallowed her first ever chemo tablet this morning and this arvo was clamped down to a table with a mask over her head as she went through her first radiation treatment.  The treatment is about 5 minutes each day. We have begun a count-down until it’s […]

Jen & Troy Sept 2015

Words of Hope – Family Update #3

Dear Friends and Family, It has been 11 days since Jen’s birthday, which was when she was told she has an incurable brain stem glioma and our world got turned upside down. It’s been a long and exhausting 11 days but we are holding up well and have hope.  In that time she has been […]

Family Shot Sept 2015

Jenni Came Home – Family Update #2

Dear Family and Friends, This family photo was taken by our good friend Christy on the day before Jen went to hospital. Good looking bunch hey!  It’s been one full week since Jen was diagnosed with a brain stem glioma. This devastating news made for a week full of massive changes in our lives. It […]

In the Grace Flow – Family update #1

Dear Family and Friends, I want to give you all a quick update.  This has been a week mixed with the full gamut of emotions and new experiences for my family.  On last Friday, Jen’s 39th birthday, my beautiful wife was admitted to hospital with a malignant brain tumour.  After all sorts of tests and […]